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Tyler Cox | Solid Rock

Adventure in the sky

What a month! I have managed to keep myself plenty busy during this time. Between my new class, and working with a friend who is building a house, I have not had much free time. The class I’m in, Christian Theology, has challenged me more than any class so far. We have studied the nature of theology, the existence and personal presence of God, the attributes of God, and Cosmetology. I really enjoyed learning about the different attributes of God. Working with my friend has also kept me busy. We are installing an in-ground pool, hanging beams, installing hardwood flooring, laying brick around the pool, and making concrete countertops. I am definitely tired by the end of the day! Each week my goal is to have my homework done by Friday, so I am able to spend the weekend solely with my family, but I have failed every week. When I get home in the afternoon I am ready to relax. I feel as though all the new things I’ve learned during this period will be very beneficial in the future.

The biggest highlight of August was a hot air balloon ride! This was an unexpected opportunity, and one of the coolest things I have ever done. I was able to do the ride with one of my best friends. I am so thankful for Dr. Kathy Arkwell and her team for an experience of a lifetime. She sure is a blessing, and a bright light shining for God. Her hot air balloon is one of the many ways she shares Jesus with others. If you know her, you are blessed! Seeing God’s beauty from the sky was amazing, It was fun to fly over neighborhoods, and see the kids follow us on their bikes. You also can hear everything from up there! Rio came along to watch me go up. That evening my brother took one of my very favorite pictures of him. Haha.

Last week I went to an estate sale and purchased a brand new study Bible for just one dollar! If I’m being honest, I have been using my Bible from high school while home because I left my other Bible in the DR. My new Bible is the same Bible I use in the DR! I have been reading through the book of Matthew and doing a new devotional called “Take Back Your Life,” by Levi Lusko.

Last week I had the opportunity to join in on the SRI zoom call for the Rice and Beans challenge. I enjoyed seeing many of our staff but most importantly my friends in the DR, and many people who have had their hands in Solid Rock in some capacity for a long time.

This weekend my brother is coming home from college. I am excited that we will all be together again! It has been weird not having everyone home. Now I know how my parents feel when I am in the DR, and Cole is away at school.

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