Tyler Cox | Solid Rock

Tyler Cox | Solid Rock

Adventure of a Lifetime

It’s hard to believe that Easter is right around the corner. We are finishing up our final winter team this year. I’ve continued to be encouraged by how groups are taking a leap of faith and coming to serve overseas. When the group gets back from their day of ministry we typically ask a few people to share something cool that happened that day. One story that stuck out to me recently was when a group member bought a family two goats, and what God has done with these two goats is truly an amazing story, which you can find HERE

Another encouraging thing is that the pantry is full again! Since the pandemic, we have struggled to keep a stocked pantry. Shortly after the pandemic started I asked our staff and friends to give away all the food at the guesthouse so nothing went to waste. I know this may not sound exciting to you, but it’s so encouraging to be able to have food from groups once again. It seems that when the pantry is full it means we have a full schedule of teams!

Osa continues to grow and get bigger. She has the best personality for the Guesthouse. She is so happy when groups are on-site, and I have even found her sitting at the gate waiting for groups to get back in the afternoon. She loves to play in the water and It’s a great way for her to get rid all her energy. However, at times it is a challenge because she is always looking for some way to get wet. Lately, we have been going to a creek where she is able to swim with her two friends, Luna and Coco.  Last week I gave her, her first haircut. She also loves to play with all the kids around the guesthouse! 

Last week Jeff and I were able to go to a Coldplay concert in the capital. This was the first time Coldplay has toured in the DR, and they had 40,000 people in attendance. It was an incredible show, and I hope they come back again. I would say this concert was one of the most fun things I’ve done in a while. If you know Coldplay, you know it was an “Anventure of a Lifetime.”

Another fun event was getting together with our full staff and having a pool day. It was great to be together with our staff outside of work. I always enjoy opportunities for fellowship with my co-workers. 

A few weeks ago I finished up another class that focused on Global Ministry. We learned a lot about Paul and the great commission. I love the opportunity to be able to use what I am learning in class in my day-to-day life here in San Juan. I am now in a filler, one-credit class, that had the main goal of volunteering and writing about it. Thankfully my professor allowed me to write about my work with Solid Rock. Though I enjoy school, I am so ready to be done! Please be praying for me as I wrap up my final few courses. 

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