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Tyler Cox | Solid Rock

Family visits!

The month of August started out with a much-needed week off. During the week off, my mom, and two brothers, Cole and Quinn, came to visit. This was my mom’s first trip since 2012, when I came for the first time and my brother’s first-ever trip to the DR. The trip started off with a night in Santo Domingo because of truck issues. This was unfortunate because we were then not able to attend church Sunday morning. I looked forward to introducing them to my church family in San Juan. However, despite the negative beginning of this trip, the rest of the trip was full of fun and we made great memories. The truck issue is just a part of life in the DR.

We spent Sunday afternoon to Wednesday morning in San Juan. We walked through the new and old clinic Sunday evening and had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in San Juan. On Monday, we toured San Juan, and I was able to show them a few of the key places I spend most of my time. That evening we went up to the dam so they could see the incredible view from this area and we got a few cool pictures. After visiting the dam we met up at another one of my favorite restaurants with the Buchers and Sarah. The restaurant serves fried meat, which I feel is a staple in San Juan. Tuesday we spent the day hiking to a waterfall, one I had gone to on the fourth of July. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been and I was excited to show my family. Angel, Sarah, and the two dogs joined us on this adventure. Following the waterfall, they helped me prep for the next team, since I would be gone the rest of the week. That evening we went to dinner with Hannah, Kailey, Sarah, and the Buchers. I wanted my family to spend time with a few of my friends while in San Juan.

Wednesday morning we headed to one of my favorite spots on the island, Las Terennas. We had a relaxing few days as we spent time at the beach, snorkeling, and eating good food. My family has heard me talk about this beautiful part of the the Island for so long, I was so excited to share this place with them. They loved every minute of their time in the DR and hope to return with my dad. I’m so thankful for this time with my mom and brothers and the laughs and good times we shared!

Following their trip, we hosted two final summer teams, a barrio team from University of Tampa, and a youth team from Canada. It’s hard to believe the summer has come to an end. What a summer it was. I don’t know if I have ever been so busy, but I am thankful for all that the Lord did this summer.

I am currently stateside, spending time with family and friends.

Please be in prayer for my visa, and residency process. I am so close to being approved for my visa, and praying I am able to send my passport in to the consulate for the stamp while I am home. If this does not happen I will have to begin a few of the steps over again, because there has been such a long gap in time.

Enjoy a few pictures from the last month!

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