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Tyler Cox | Solid Rock

I found a dog!

Wow, I guess I’ve been so busy this month that I forgot to even write my blog. This morning I was on my way home from church and thinking about all that I have been able to do in the last month. It’s been crazy, hectic, and productive, which is the way I want it to be. It is nice to spend my time doing things that I enjoy and feel called to do.

You may or may not have seen it on SRI social media, but a few weeks ago I found a little stray street dog in the kitchen one morning. Somehow the day before she had snuck in the guest house gates without anybody noticing. On the morning found her I had a few friends over for breakfast. They noticed that she had quite a few infected wounds, maggots, fleas, and a bloated stomach which is a sign of parasites or worms. With all of those problems being said we decided that she needed to be loved. We took her to the vet to get her for shots and also gave her a couple of medicated baths to clear up all the infection. After about a week the wounds were healing and her stomach was no longer bloated. I have decided to foster her until I can find her a home that is suitable for her… So we will see what happens. As many of you know I am a lover of dogs so it has been fun to have a dog here at the Guesthouse.

Following the initial week of getting Mani back to good health, we hosted our third team of the year. They were a small team of nurses from Fort Wayne Indiana. As I have said in previous blogs it feels so good to host teams again, and I enjoyed getting to know new team members and also seeing old friends from previous teams. One of my favorite things about hosting teams is hearing about the way God is using them throughout the week.

Over the last month, I have spent a few days working on the house project of the woman we are building a house for. I have enjoyed learning new skills and seeing the progress of the home. It’s amazing to watch our staff come together for such a cool thing.

Currently, it is the time of year to update the student sponsorship program photos and student bios. I have helped with this process in the past but because we had taken last year off because of the pandemic there is a lot of work to catch up on. I enjoy going to the schools and taking photos of students as well as working with our staff through the process. Last week we went to Lucille Rupp, one of the schools in San Juan, and took photos of the students in the program. Tomorrow I head to the capital with the Bucher family to take photos of the students at our school in the capital.

Following the photos on Tuesday, we will drive to La Romana where the North American staff will meet for a staff retreat. Pastor Brad Burkholder is flying in and will lead the staff in daily devotions and discussions. I am excited about what is to come next week and focus on what God is trying to teach me right now in my life.

Following the staff retreat, we have our fourth and final group of the year. My home church Northwoods is coming.

Please pray for:
-The student’s sponsorship program process
-Our staff retreat next week and hearing what God is teaching us through Brad
-Northwoods community church group

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