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Tyler Cox | Solid Rock

I got my Visa!

It has been an eventful month for me, and I am excited to share with you all what I have been up to. We have hosted a few teams since I returned back to the DR in September. For the most part, the teams have been surgical/barrio. I really like hosting teams like this, as I enjoy hearing their perspective on ministry and what they do, daily while in the country. Shortly after returning back to the DR, I was informed by my lawyer that I was approved for my visa. Great news! However, I had to be in the US, in order to get the visa put into my passport. What a bummer, since I had just spent the last three weeks stateside. I contemplated when would be the best time to return to the states and get the visa put into my passport.

After some consideration, I decided to travel back to the states the second week of October, after hosting a team from Concord, North Carolina. I look forward to hosting this team every time I see their name on the schedule. This team has a unique team dynamic, with many who come every year, and I feel like they have added me to their mission family.

Following the week of Concord, on that Friday, I flew back to the United States. I decided to surprise my family since it had not even been a month since I had seen them last. I knew they would not expect me to come home, and I had even told them I would be going camping that weekend. I chose this week because I would be home to celebrate both of my parent’s birthdays. Cole, my brother who goes to school at Olivet Nazarene University picked me up from the airport, and we were both able to surprise my family. It was a fun surprise, and one neither of my parents expected. To say they were shocked is an understatement! We spent the weekend together as a family.

I had to send my passport to the Dominican consulate in New Orleans, Louisiana. My lawyer explained this to me as a straightforward, easy process. I was told to overnight my passport to the consulate on Saturday, with an envelope, and overnight pre-paid stamp back to my house. She believed it would be back to me by Wednesday. The passport was due to arrive on Monday by 4:30, however, it did not arrive until Wednesday at 4:30. Yikes! I called the consulate on Thursday morning to explain the importance of sending my passport back ASAP, since I had a flight on Saturday, and had to get back to the DR, to host another mission team. They said they had received it and would send it out by end of the day. I did not receive the notification that it was sent back until Thursday evening at 8:45 PM. If I’m being honest, I was in the process of changing my flight when I received the notification. I had lost hope. However, God is good, and He provides. It wasn’t until I had lost hope, that God showed me He could, and would provide in order to get me my passport by the time I needed it! I now have 30 days to apply for residency.

I am thankful for my unexpected time at home. After my time in the states, I traveled back to the DR, and met up with our team from Nashville, in Atlanta, Georgia. It was a different experience to meet up with our team while in the states, and travel to the DR with the team. I enjoyed meeting new group members this week and catching up with others who have been before. 

Since being back, I have opened up a bank account, here in the Dominican Republic. I am thankful to have this process done. Though I have a bank account in the US, it is easier for me to have a bank account here, as well. Having this account opens new doors for me, and allows me to not rely on others quite as much.

On another note, Osa is in heat, and she has been since the Wednesday before I left. I am thankful that Sarah was willing to watch her while I was away. Sarah had her hands full, and Osa had her moments during this week, so I say again, I couldn’t be more thankful that Sarah watched her.

Yesterday we went hiking, in hopes to find a waterfall. Unfortunately, we could not find a waterfall, but I always enjoy getting out in nature and seeing the beauties of the DR. We ended up hiking over eight miles.

I almost forgot something major! Last month, I wrapped up my degree, and graduated from college! I graduated with a degree in Christian Studies, with an emphasis on Global Ministry. I am happy to say I graduated with a 3.83 GPA. God is good.

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