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In summary of 14 months…

excerpt from our post one year ago…

I could have never pictured that in one year, I would be visiting the states with family and planning our return to another country. Who would’ve thought that just 4 months after her birth, we would be compelled to follow the Lords prompting out into the Caribbean? I know that as I sat here a year ago, full-bellied, I sure did not. But is that not like the Lord?  We often want to think of His direction as a GPS; but as my dad would say, “His leading is like a compass. It is not step by step, but rather a direction.” Life’s circumstances, our personalities and experiences have a way of adjusting our footing and step; but prayerfully, not our direction.

I am thankful that because we were attuned to His leading, we ended up on a beautiful island, surrounded by beautiful people, and are serving with an amazing organization. If it had not been for Honour’s birth, I just do not know, how sensitive my ear would have been to the soft promptings of our Father.

Even now, those words seem so appropriate. Though the details have changed, it is yet another birth that initiated the conversation of a change in step, but not direction. As I write to you now, I am sitting in our “living room/office” at the guesthouse. My husband and daughter are playing with a ball she received as baby. Our bags are mostly packed, and our living quarters mostly cleaned. I find the words that resonated a year ago still resounding today…”His leading is like a compass…not step by step, but rather direction…”

When we first arrived we believed that we would be here at least two years with strong possibility of staying longer. We enjoyed living counter-culturally and pursuing a life that more closely aligned with our core. And yet, here we are. Just a year and some change more, we are packing bags preparing to reestablish our lives in the states. This is not a step we foresaw, but it is a step in the same direction that we originally felt called to. We learned over the last year that living out your belief does not always look the same in every season of life. Sometimes you walk away from the obvious to pursue the obscure.

Though our confidence is sure, there is an element that feels obscure. How will we live out our faith in an authentic way in the states? How will we remain connected to the life and relationships we’ve established here? To be honest, we are not sure. We do not have every step planned, but we do know…we are headed in His direction.

Thank you for your support whether financially or prayerfully over the past 14 months. We could not have done this without you. I  believe that God gets His business done on earth through people, and I have not seen this more true than in seeing each of you. Thank you for your obedience.

I pray that what we’ve done over the last year is of value not only to the people we serve, but also to the kingdom of God. I pray that God would look on what at outlook seems like a measly fourteen months and bless it, multiply it, and serve it to His people as a blessing. I pray that we lived out ministry well and reflected the Father accurately. I pray that where we have fallen short, His love would cover. Lastly, I pray that you too would not only live and dream, but also that you would go. I pray this because there is aspect of God that can only be known while on a mission. We came with the intent to know God in a different way. Mission accomplished. We go… having seen Him.

We love you all and pray His best!


The VerBerkmoes

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