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Tyler Cox | Solid Rock

Its Official!

I officially moved back to the Dominican Republic two weeks ago. My first week back home I spent my time unpacking, cleaning up my apartment, the guesthouse, and getting ready for two of my best friends to visit.

It is hard for me to believe that I am back home in the DR. Transitioning back has been easy, and God has had his hand in everything throughout this time back. However, if I am being honest, moving back to the DR this time was harder than it was the first time. I got used to life in the US. If someone were to ask me how they could be praying for me when I was in the states, I often would ask for prayer in not losing my passion and love for the DR. I am thankful that God provides and answered that prayer. However, it was hard. I loved being with my family and friends. I also had to leave Rio at home with my parents, because airlines have lots of rules currently about traveling with animals. I am hopeful that they will lift some of the restrictions by fall or winter, and I can bring Rio down here then. Until that time, I know my parents are enjoying their time with him. They send me pictures every day!

This past week two of my best friends, Noah and Hunter, came down to visit me. This was Hunters’ first time, and Noah’s second. Noah’s first trip was about five years ago. We spent the first 4 days of their trip in San Juan. We did a lot during their time in San Juan. We traveled to the dam in Sabaneta, toured the new Revolution clinic, as well as our current clinic, got empanadas in the market, went to Church, toured an avocado farm on top of a mountain, and saw one of my friends’ clinic at the top of that same mountain. They also were able to meet some of my best friends here, which now puts a face with so many names they have heard about. I loved being able to show them what my life is like here. Noah and Hunter were able to see exactly why I love the DR so much.

Following the four days in San Juan, we then traveled to Puerto Plata which is on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. This was my first time to that part of the island. We rented an Airbnb at a resort, it was beautiful. We were able to relax, but also have fun. We did a few excursions, one was called 27 Charcos (waterfalls), however we were only able to do 12, but we were told we got to do the 12 best! Following the waterfall trip, we then did an ATV tour through a local town, and went in the mountains, and through about 10 rivers. On Thursday we traveled to Cabarete and spent the day near Kite Beach where we were able to watch people kite surf. We think there were 50 –75 people up in the sky. The beach there was so beautiful.

I am so thankful for the time that we were able to spend together and to show them the country I love.

On another note, I am excited for the chance to have teams this summer. Currently, we have three teams on the schedule, and I cannot wait to get back to teams being at the guesthouse. Please be in prayer for these teams as they plan to travel to the DR. I am excited to have a few weeks to relax, focus on my schoolwork and get the guesthouse ready.

Thank you for your prayers, as well as your support over the last 15 months!

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