Tyler Cox | Solid Rock

Tyler Cox | Solid Rock

Learning to be patient

Over the past few months, I have continued to learn more about patience. Time and time again I have been discouraged with the events that have taken place this year. My plans have changed more times than I can count. In August, I began planning a trip to return to the Dominican Republic to check in on the state of the guesthouse, friends, and San Juan. My original plan was to travel early in October and stay for about a month and a half. Unfortunately, I was asked by the medical committee and our Dominican partners to postpone my trip until November. Initially, I was disappointed with the decision, but I understood and was willing to accept the recommendation of those in charge knowing they have my best interest in mind. Although I accepted the fact that I would not be returning in October, I was still sad to not be able to return. About a week after receiving this news I headed to the fall retreat. The timing of our retreat was just what I needed because I left feeling refreshed and filled with the Spirit. Once again, I am learning to trust in God knowing that His timing is best. I also have the continuing encouragement from family and friends assuring me that God will never let me down. One thing that we talked about during the retreat is that many missionaries are in this same uncomfortable waiting period, which puts things into perspective. I know I’m not alone in the way I feel. With that being said I am trying to focus on all that I have to be thankful for. When I find myself feeling sad about not being able to do what I want to do, I try to remind myself how blessed I am. I know I will look back on this time of waiting and be able to see how much the Lord taught me.  I remind myself when I feel discouraged of Jeremiah 29:11” For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Knowing that I must on what the Lord is trying to teach me during this time. 

Here it is October 31st, and I just found out once again that the November trip that I was so hopeful about and praying that God would work out is not going to happen. At this time my plans are not lining up with what I had originally thought, but I am hopeful to be able to return before the New Year. Again, I am learning more about patience. Another thing that has helped me during this time is music. Once I find a song I like, I normally listen to it on repeat. I feel the Holy Spirit at work in me and feel comforted when I listen to worship music.  Last week, Kamanda shared in our work chat the song The Story I Tell. You can listen to it HERE, and I will also put the lyrics at the end of the blog. Wow, it’s a powerful song. The lyrics were exactly what I needed to hear this week whenever I felt discouraged. This song talks about how we may not understand what’s going on at this moment, and that’s ok, but in years to come, you will see that God was with you in every situation. What I’m learning is that whether I’m in the US or DR, I need God every day as He is my rock. I pray that during this time you are learning to trust God more with every aspect of your life just like I am working through. 

During the month of October, we celebrated the birthdays of both my parents, the end of my brother’s golf season, a nice visit from a family friend who moved away, and I have continued to help a friend who is building a house. I’m enjoying my class about global ministry. Learning about different cultures and how to do ministry in other parts of the world has really been interesting. Next week I will be writing a paper about how I would do ministry in the Dominican Republic (this should be an easy one, haha). Rio continues to be a highlight for me and my family. Daily walks are part of our routine, especially with this beautiful fall weather. 

LYRICS: VERSE 1 The hour is dark, And it’s hard to see, What you are doin’, Here in the ruins And where this will lead, Oh but I know, That down through the years, I’ll look on this moment, See your hand on it And know you were here PRE CHORUS And I’ll testify of the battles you’ve won How you were my portion when there wasn’t enough I’ll sing a song of the seas that we crossed The waters you parted The waves that I walked CHORUS OH OH OH My God did not fail OH OH OH it’s the story I’ll tell OH OH OH I know it is well OH OH OH is the story I’ll tell VERSE 2 Believing gets hard When options are few When I can’t see how you’re moving I know that you’re proving You’re the God that comes through Oh but I know That over the years, I’ll look back on this moment And see your hand on it And know You were here BRIDGE All that is left is highest praises So sing hallelujah to the Rock of Ages

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