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Jon & Alissa Miller | Solid Rock

No Coincidences

Hi everyone!

I pray that everyone is doing well. It was a beautiful day in San Juan a week ago. The sun was shining, the team was unpacking, we had already prepped for dinner, and can you believe it we actually got to relax for a few hours. This was unheard of when we first arrived here at the Guest House.
As most of you know, we have been working really hard with Solid Rock over the past year. Many things have changed for us. Many new things are becoming habits. We have met many new people that have become family. It was a struggle at first, but everything continues to get easier and easier for us. You will hear us say on Tuesday nights when we share our testimony that God couldn’t have picked two more unqualified people to do this job. Praise God He is patient and we finally realized that he knows better than we do.
Something I do routinely is remind the groups every Sunday that God has a purpose for all of us and He will meet you right where you’re at. He will guide you through the week and that nothing happens by accident. I’d like to share a few quick stories of what I mean when I say I don’t believe in coincidence.
A few months back on a Thursday evening, one of our sponsored students came to the Guest House with his mother. Every Thursday, students who are sponsored in the area are able to meet with their American sponsor to hang out, ask questions, exchange gifts, and enjoy some treats. Early on in the week, one guest had asked me to chat with her sponsor student about soccer, hearing that I am a huge soccer fan. Of course, I agreed! After talking about our passion for the game I shook the student’s hand and headed back to the kitchen to help Alissa.  That’s when it hit me!  Three weeks prior, a gentleman donated 15 soccer balls to the Guest House. I ran into the pantry where all supplies are kept and emerged with the last soccer ball! I quickly pumped it up and returned to the family. Both his and his mother’s eyes lit up as I explained it was a gift. The student was stunned and his mother kept saying “Bueno es Dios! Bueno es Dios!” That’s a phrase I actually know and thought “wow she’s as excited as he is for this!” She continued explaining something to one of our Ministry Assistants in Spanish. I had no idea what she was saying and was not prepared for what came next. Apparently, the boy had been working so hard around the house doing chores, cleaning, cooking, and washing the car to raise money to buy a soccer ball. He had wanted to save money and buy one. He’d been working hard for weeks. I literally started crying. I said to her “Si Bueno es Dios!” (God is good).

Just the other day a large light bulb went out down at our basketball court. This is a rather large bulb mind you, almost a full foot long. I got it unscrewed and proceed to add it to the grocery list. We don’t often travel to the hardware store together but today was a special day. Both Alissa and I ran to the grocery store and then off to the hardware store. Now thankfully we are both getting really good at being able to communicate our needs to others in Spanish. As we were both standing there joking and messing around as we normally do, I noticed a gentleman next to us with a rather large bag. I watched as he pulled out what must have been a light bulb that belonged to NASA out of his bag. This thing was bigger than a basket bulb and looked like something Thomas Edison himself created. I motioned to Alissa to look over. Her mouth dropped to the ground. It wasn’t long after that we were able to put our order in, and wouldn’t you know it, the lightbulb guy next to us was over-hearing our conversation. When our new bulb had arrived, I said hello to the man. He stopped us and motioned for our old bulb. In very broken English he was communicating and pointing to the top of or bulb. I responded in my best Spanglish. Come to find out, he’s an electrician. He pointed out that our bulb shouldn’t have burned out. We need to check our electric with a meter. It needs to be 110v, or this will happen again. Was it a coincidence that there was an electrician there at the same time we were to tell us we had bad wiring? I think not. Neither one of us are electricians. Neither of us thought to check what kind of output we had in this particular outlet. Yet God prepared the perfect timing and the perfect opportunity for us to learn something. Coincidences? I don’t think so!
God continues to orchestrate things like this about every week. He is constantly reminding us of his sovereignty and how he has control over all situations. Now here’s where we want to hear from all of you! How has God been moving in your lives? What “coincidences” have you seen God working through. We’d love to hear about them! 

Prayers and blessing to you all,
The Millers!

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