Tyler Cox | Solid Rock

Tyler Cox | Solid Rock


Snow! It has snowed quite a bit this month, here in Peoria. Snow is something that makes living in the cold midwest during the winter months worth it. I have spent a lot of time outside, playing in the snow with Rio. He loves to be outside normally, but when there is snow on the ground he never wants to come in! We went on daily walks through the park where he was able to run around and bury his face in the snow. I enjoy being outside when there is snow on the ground too. Rio had a birthday and turned one on the 11th! We celebrated with a donut from My Dog’s Bakery.

While in the DR I collected Thank You letters from all of our full-time staff members. These are written letters that our staff writes to people who support them every month or year. I brought all of the letters back with me and organized them and then labeled them with the sponsor ID number. Once I completed sorting the letters, they were delivered to the SRI office where they were then sent out to the sponsors. I always enjoy having some sort of SRI work to do while in the States. Jeff and I also work on the budget monthly using Microsft Excel. This is something that happens while we are in the DR or in the States, but it is a way we can track the money for Joe.

My Mom and I also spent the first two weeks of January going through all the old bins of clothes in our house. During this time I also cleaned my closet out. We are working at selling or donating all of our old clothes. It was actually fun to go through the bins and see some of our old clothes! It even brought up old memories. There is still more to go through, but we are happy with what has been completed so far. This takes a lot more time and effort than I would have thought.

School has also been keeping me busy. I am currently in Organizational Behavior and Management. This is one of the final gen-ed classes that I have to take. With GCU’s online program, you take your gen-ed classes throughout your four-year program, and not all at the beginning, which has been nice. I am ready however to only take my core classes. The gen-ed classes are filled with more busywork and group projects. Group projects are almost impossible to do with online classes, especially when your schedules don’t line up to all work on it together. I have about a year left of school!

In December I wrote about how I was experiencing terrible headaches. After going to the Chiropractor twice a week, for a month, I am happy to say that I am not having headaches anymore! I am continuing to go while I’m in the states so I can hopefully prevent that problem from happening again. This has been a definite answer to prayer. Thank you to all of you who prayed!

At the beginning of the year, I began reading through the Bible with my family and a few friends. I have enjoyed learning more about the Bible through this in-depth podcast study of the Bible. Each day you read anywhere between 2-5 chapters and then there is a 10-minute podcast that gives a quick summary and helps explain things that can sometimes be confusing. So far we have read Genesis and Job! I am learning so much! Today I started reading the book of Exodus.

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