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Tyler Cox | Solid Rock


Our Final VBS team of the year left Friday morning. It’s hard to believe we have wrapped up another Summer season of Vacation Bible School. Summer is always a busy time of year, but this year has felt especially busy because of the puppies. We hosted three different VBS teams this year, and partnered with five different churches in the process. Many kids attended each day, and I had the opportunity to tag along with the team. Having different VBS teams reminds me so much of my early days volunteering with Solid Rock. I would come serve with Northwoods Community Church, and in the week we would do both VBS and construction.

Despite the busyness of the teams, and puppies I have had time to rest and get away over the past month. I traveled to South Carolina for family vacation at the beginning of the month. When I wrote last months blog I did not even know I would go! Thankfully flights were cheap, we had the week off, and Sarah stayed at the guesthouse to watch the puppies. The puppies were the biggest thing keeping me here, but Sarah insisted that she would watch the pups so I could travel home. Due to the fact that it was such a last minute trip, I decided to only tell my brother, Cole about my travel plans and surprise the rest of my family at the airport when they arrived. I flew in on a Friday afternoon, and my brother and parents flew in on Sunday. I enjoyed having Saturday with Cole, and explore his new home, as well as meet his co-workers and friends.

As I said, my family flew in Sunday, Cole greeted them first, then I came up from behind at the baggage claim. It was such a fun surprise, and I am happy I was recording my families reactions when they saw me. We spent the week at the beach, eating the best seafood, and hanging together as a family. I left on Wednesday, and the rest of my family was together until Sunday. I am so grateful for that time I was able to have with them.

I have continued to keep busy with the puppies. Last Friday three were delivered to their forever homes in Santo Domingo. The puppies went to great homes, and I have enjoyed receiving updates from them throughout this week. There are still three puppies looking for their forever home, and I am hopeful that we will find people in the next few days. I have enjoyed this process, but if I am being honest, I am looking forward to them going to their homes. It’s time to give Lua my attention, and begin to train her.

Buchers, Sarah and I were able to sneak away to one of our favorite spots on the Island for a few days, Las Terrenas. This beach town is a hidden gem, and it always feels so good to go back. Las Terrenas is a place where you can truly get away, and be on vacation.

We host two more teams this summer, and then we begin our fall break. Half the year has come and gone, how crazy Is that! I plan on traveling stateside while home, and visiting family and friends in a few different parts of the US. Please be praying for the last two teams until fall.

Please continue to pray for my residency process. I feel like we are so close I can taste it! We reapplied on Tuesday, and are awaiting results to see when my medical appointment will be. Please pray that this does not get scheduled during my time I am In the states.

This month, my close friends Hannah, and Alejandro also welcomed their new twin babies. Babies and mom are healthy, and I have enjoyed the baby snuggles when I visited.

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