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Tyler Cox | Solid Rock

That’s a wrap

And that’s a wrap for summer 2023! It is hard to believe another summer has come and gone. Our final two summer teams were both medical and construction teams. It is always encouraging to hear from the teams when they get back in the afternoons. Lives are impacted deeply each day.

The end of Summer teams means the start of our summer and fall break. I returned to the States on Saturday, two weeks later than I had planned. The reason for my delayed trip was that I have finally made it to the final steps of residency! This is a huge praise. My lawyer recommended that I wait in the DR, for the final appointment, but then I got word that could be in 90-120 days. At this point, I could travel home. Finally!

As sad as I was to not come home, I am so thankful to almost have this behind me! I have been working on this process for almost two years, so I am so happy to just be waiting on one more appointment.

I spent the two weeks in San Juan prepping for the 5-week break, finalizing expenses, and prepping the guesthouse for potential storms. Hurricane Franklin was a concern for the guesthouse and the Island, but thankfully both the island and the guesthouse were spared. The guesthouse is now ready for any future storm in the next few weeks, which gives me peace of mind while I’m away, knowing that everything is up, and the things on the ground can be cleaned. During that time I also worked on potty training Lua. All the puppies went to their forever homes, and I periodically get photos from the families who got the puppies.

While I’m in the States, I plan on spending most of my time in Peoria with my family. I had to cancel plans to visit friends and family in Texas, North Carolina, and South Carolina. I will also go to Indiana for a few days at the end of my trip.

The whole family has been together this week. Cole drove from SC on Saturday and I got home late Saturday night. We went to church together as a family which made my mom so happy. A few of the things I am planning to do are to watch my brother golf, go to the local apple orchard, and see my extended family. The only unfortunate thing about this time is that my Mom and Quinn are back in school, so it’s nice to have my brother Cole here.

Once I return to the DR, we will begin a busy fall schedule, please be in prayer for our fall teams, my time in the States, and my final residency appointment.

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