Tyler Cox | Solid Rock

Tyler Cox | Solid Rock

Time in Indiana

The end of the month sure is coming quickly, I guess one reason is that it’s a short month. But, another reason may be because A lot has happened this month that I am excited to share with you.

I started the month of February by getting a haircut. This was my first haircut since February of 2020. I love my barber in the DR and I was holding out until I made it back. I planned on getting it cut while I was there in December, but I ran out of time! I decided I couldn’t wait any longer and I have a friend who cuts hair so I called her and made an appointment. It feels good to have short hair again! Haha

My brother came home from college for super bowl weekend. It was fun to have him back home for the first time since leaving for school in January. I know it wasn’t long since we had seen him, but it was fun to have everyone in the house again. We were cheering for Tampa Bay, so we were happy with the outcome. Although the weather was -2 outside, my dad still managed to grill ribs for the game, and they were delicious! We had a few friends over to eat and watch the game with us.

Following super bowl weekend, Rio and I traveled to Joe and Shannons for a few weeks. It felt good to be back at their house, and Rio loves being able to play with Naomi. While there, I helped out in the office. I was able to write thank you letters, check on problems with the website, pack a t-shirt order, and attend a medical committee meeting. This group of people has met through Zoom every few months to discuss the reopening of the guesthouse. We are all eager for normal life to resume and excited for the day we can have teams in San Juan again. Currently, we have teams scheduled to begin In May and go through the summer.

While in Indiana we spent an evening walking around IKEA, and I saw a few things that I would like to get for my apartment in San Juan! Jeff, Kamanda, and the kids also came in for the weekend. It was good to see them in person. I look forward to the day where all the missionaries can be in San Juan together again.

While in Indiana, a huge snowstorm came through. The snow started on Sunday night and continued through Monday and we got roughly 12 inches of snow! It fell fast, and boy was it fun! I remember in April of 2020 when we got a random snowfall how excited I was to take Rio outside to play in the snow. I thought there was no way we would have been here this winter, but here we are. The snow was so deep he barely could walk. Every time he went out he was covered in snow. It was hilarious. I have written about snow in previous blogs, but as I had said, snow makes being here in the cold Midwest worth it to me. I love looking outside and seeing the white.

I was also able to see two of my best friends, Noah and Hunter who go to school at Taylor University, about an hour away from the Zimmermans house. We met at Buffalo Wild Wings, a favorite of ours since High School. It was fun to get together with them. While at lunch, Noah asked Hunter and I to be his groomsmen in his wedding, which is in August! I am excited to be able to stand beside Noah on his big day!

We continue to do our bi-weekly zoom meetings where we get together to catch up and discuss all things SRI. We also either talk about one of our staff covenants or what we believe God has been teaching us during this past year. A few weeks ago I spoke about how I believe God has been teaching me patience. What do you feel like God has been teaching you during this time? It’s so easy to be negative about the last year, but we truly have so much to be thankful for.

Last week I bought a plane ticket to travel to San Juan from March 17th to April 1st. I am excited about this opportunity to travel to San Juan once again. Please pray for health and safety. It’s possible that this could be my last trip to San Juan before we have teams, which is something fun to think about. It seems like we are getting closer and closer to life being normal.

At the end of January, I was able to get the first round of the vaccine. This was something that I was pretty surprised about, being able to receive so early, but because of the work that SRI does in the DR, I qualified. I am thankful for the opportunity, and if all goes well I will be able to receive the second dose on Saturday.

Prayer requests:
Vaccine (no bad side effects)
Preparation for travel
Time in DR

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