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Tyler Cox | Solid Rock

Turn it around

December started out with our end-of-year staff Christmas party. It was fun to gather with our staff to celebrate all that they do, and all that is to come in the next year. This year, those who wished to participate had the opportunity to be a secret Santa, which was fun to be a part of. We also hosted the party at a local restaurant in San Juan this year.

Following the staff party, it was time for me to travel home for the holidays. This trip home has not been anything like what I expected it to be. It’s hard for me to put into words all that has happened over the course of the last three and a half weeks. But one thing that has been evident throughout my time at home is just how powerful our GOD is.

To make a long story short, the day I was flying home, I found out that my dad and brother tested positive for Covid. This was disappointing news, knowing I would have to quarantine from them, but I knew it was best. I spent the week at home, with my mom and the dogs. On Friday my Dad took a turn for the worse, and we decided he needed to go to the Hospital. He spent 8 days there, 5 of them being in the ICU. While he was in the hospital we had quite a few ups and downs at our house. The one constant we had was our need for God. We were praying and listening to worship songs all throughout the days. My brother Cole was at school when things started going downhill for my dad and he shared a song with our family group chat. The song was “Turn it Around” by Jon Reddick. From the moment we heard the song we started crying out these lyrics to God. We knew he was the only one who could “turn it around” for my dad. God did just that….my dad came home after 8 days when they told us he would most likely be there for two weeks. The Saturday before Christmas we were able to pick him up from the Hospital. It was an awesome family reunion. I am amazed to think about the timing of God bringing me home at the perfect time to be here for my mom and help with caring for my dad.

I spent the next week working for my dad. This was something I was happy to be able to help with. I also enjoyed working in his office with one of my uncles.

We spent a lot of time at home, playing cards, watching movies, and just spending time as a family. This was the first Christmas that we have relaxed at home all day. Though I wish we could have spent it with our extended family, it was a great day of rest. We decided it was best to not get together as a big group.

If I am being honest, it’s been a challenging trip in the states. Not only did my dad, and brother have covid, a few other family members also tested positive. My grandpa tested positive for Covid around the same time as my dad, and today he was moved to a hospice home in Peoria. Unfortunately, Covid really messed with his brain. I was able to see him this evening for a few hours. On top of all of this, we also had to put down one of our dogs, Zoey, I got her for my 10th birthday. She was a great dog, and it’s weird to not have her greet us at the door when we get home.

While in the states I was able to visit with friends. It was great to reconnect with them and catch up on what’s happening in their lives and share about the DR. I was also able to eat at a few of my favorite places here in Peoria.

Tomorrow I head to Indianapolis and will stay with Joe and Shannon for the evening. I fly out on Friday the 31st with the Bucher family. We have a team arriving on Sunday!

You can listen to the song Turn it Around HERE.

Prayer Requests:

-Continued healing for my dad

-Comfort and healing for my grandpa

-Safe Travels

-Winter teams

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