Tyler Cox | Solid Rock

Tyler Cox | Solid Rock

Where did September go

September seems to have blown away and it is hard to believe that tomorrow will be October 1st. The weather is starting to break here in Peoria. It appears as we have run out of hot days and are to the point where frost will be on the ground when you wake up. Time has moved extremely fast recently, compared to that of Spring. It has been nice, and I honestly do not know how September is over.

Throughout September, I have continued to work at the house my friends are building; it’s almost done! I have also started buying and reselling furniture in my spare time. That keeps me busy because I am always looking for great deals. We look for Mid Century Modern Furniture. It has been fun! Last Tuesday, I traveled to Fort Wayne, Indiana, and spent some time with the Bucher’s before heading to Indy for the staff retreat over the weekend. It was great to spend time with the Bucher’s in Fort Wayne and see the town that they have been living in. On Thursday, we traveled to Indy, which is about two hours south of where the Bucher’s live. It was amazing to see everyone and just reconnect! I had not seen the Hoover family since March when I left the DR! We spent the weekend doing as many activities outside as possible, Frisbee golf, going to parks, and playing bags.

I am anxiously awaiting my return to the Dominican Republic. As of right now, I am hopeful to go down for a few weeks in November, before Thanksgiving. Please be in prayer for those making the decision on whether it will be safe for us to travel to the DR.

A few things I look forward to this month include: my parents’ birthday, which I have not been home for in two years, my youngest brother Quinn finishing up his golf season. I pray the season ends well!  My brother Cole begins his Sophomore year at Olivet Nazarene and his golf season begins this weekend. My hope is to be able to watch him play one match this season because I was unable last year. I am also excited for the fall, although my allergies have been bothering me, I love this season. The changing of the leaves, sweatpants, sweatshirts, and fires!

Thanks for your continued prayer and support!

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