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Phil & Taylor Verberkmoes | Solid Rock


The Word says, “Faith without works is dead;” or in essence, talk is cheap. Do what you say you are going to do and believe. I believe God is a miracle worker, planner, provider, etc. However, do I trust Him enough to follow His guidance and accept His provisions? As an analytical individual, this can be a struggle as there is usually not enough detail to follow said plan. I have so many more questions before I want to make a decision. How can I reconcile this with my faith? I cannot and nor can you. We have to just trust that everything is going to be okay. That it will all just work out. Not that it or I will be comfortable in the process, but that I will definitely benefit from it.

Let me take you back to April of 2016. Taylor and I just had our first child Honour in December 2015. I wanted more out of my job and desired to go into leadership. We wanted something different in our lives, more than the typical “American life” of working 9 to 5. Something that was bigger than us.

When Taylor called one day while I was at work and told me she found a job in the Dominican Republic, I was like, “ummmm what? I thought we were looking in Georgia?! “After three weeks of gathering minimal details, talking with friends and family, and much prayer, I realized this is what God had for us. I was excited, enthusiastic that He answered our prayers, even though, it took me three weeks to see that He did.

Now, here we are in a similar situation. We are pregnant again and having to make a shift. Moving back to the states not knowing what lies ahead. We do not have a house, a job, and many items we sold or gave away to come to the DR. Living in the states is very expensive especially when you have no income coming in. The question I have is …” do I trust God as provider, planner, and protector?” I am trying, I hope so. He is all I can hope for, because He is. He is everything, and I know that He loves me enough that I will not be left out to dry. I will not be abandoned. He has and will always come through for me and my family.

It just doesn’t make the process easy. So, I ask that you would pray for us as we transition back to the states with our family. That we make the wise and just decision and not just the easy or quick one. That we would follow God and nothing else. That we would have the faith required to go.



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